The Kentivo Group of companies is delighted to announce the acquisition of MediaDigitaal B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as per June 29th, 2017.

MediaDigitaal B.V., also known as MD Info, will become a separate business unit within the Kentivo Group and will focus on expanding their current business propositions in terms of Digital Publishing and Market Intelligence. Being part of the Kentivo group, MD Info has direct access to advanced technologies from the Kentivo Business Units Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This provides them with the technical capabilities of Natural Language Processing to innovate further on their current propositions.

MD Info will expand its services through Kentivo’s international presence, bringing them opportunities beyond the BeNeLux region. In the coming period, the teams will work on enhancing and expanding the services of MD Info. This will be done in close collaboration with the current MD Info customers. As Hans Boerroekman, the Managing Director of MD Info stated: “Being part of the Kentivo Group, MD Info has positioned itself squarely into the future of publishing and market intelligence with access to advanced technologies and new markets.” Although Hans takes a step back operationally as Managing Director, he will be involved in the future of the Kentivo Group. His new role will be announced at a later date.

The Kentivo Group is looking forward to leverage opportunities that MD Info now offers as part of its portfolio. The immediate benefit for the Kentivo Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence business units is access to an excellent training data set for the Machine Learning offerings. For the German business, it enhances the portfolio in the market beyond the current SAP portfolio. The biggest benefit is the expansion of the group with a dedicated and enthusiastic team with new skills and capabilities.

Mike van Pamelen, one of Kentivo\’s directors, described the benefits of MD Info as follows: “Kentivo as a group stands for diversity in skills, people, capability and cultures. We believe strongly that innovation happens at the cross-section of different domains. MD Info will enrich our team by adding new and different backgrounds to the group. New nationalities, languages and qualifications will help us all to increase the level of innovation and the speed at which we can execute on interesting ideas that arise.”

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