Meet Mandy

Mandy finds, Mandy warns, Mandy surprises

With Mandy you can leverage Artificial Intelligence to gain enhanced market insights, optimize risk management processes and streamlining procurement.  Mandy helps you navigate through the information overload and uncover valuable insights. Whether you want to stay updated on your clients, discover emerging trends, or explore the interests of your target audience, Mandy has got you covered!

What Mandy Offers


Over 1000 SOURCE

Monitor over 1000 news and market intelligence sources

Instant Alerting

Get notified and share the insights the way it suits you. 

AI Algorithms

Take advantage of the Mandy AI Algorithms and tagging mechanismes

Editor Desk

Quality ensured by our Editor Desk

Avoid endless duplicates

Receieve news events and articles without duplicates


Read the Mandy summaries of articles that are behind a paywall


Integrated with the latest technologies, like ChatGPT


Customise towards a perfect fit in your organisation

Get WorldClass Support

Get WorldClass Support, we are here to help you if needed!


Spot the opportunity!

Discover trends in your specific market segment and find the opportunities

Know what is happing at your clients

Get notified about product launches and new campaigns  in your industry

Get inspired by best of class examples of industry leaders

Learn about the interests of your target audiences

Identify threats!

KYC and receive detailed information on specific clients

Get notified by changes in regulation

Be aware of the negative news, like fraud, scams and security threats

Understand what is happing at vendors, for example know about bankruptcies

Monitor your supply chain on important changes and disruptions

“Mandy has been a valuable source for many years to structurally monitor the most important media on relevant topics or to obtain ad hoc insights for specific issues.”

Dennis Hoogervorst

Teamlead B2B Research & Insights , DPG Media

AD Alliance

Mandy Possibilities

Plans For Every Need

MANDY Market Monitor

You can start tomorrow!

With the Mandy Market Monitor subscription, you can start monitoring your market right away. We help you to set-up your own queries. 

Mandy Market Insights

Need to get more specific information?

With Mandy Market Insights subscription, we will set-up your own environment, answering your need of market insights. You can use your own sources and we’ll set-up the necessary specific algorithms. You can train the algorithms yourself finding for example relevance and impact. 

Mandy Market Guidance

Your own digital brain!

With the Mandy Market Guidance subscription you will get a A.I. solution adjusted to your specific market needs, like monitoring the product life cycle of a product. We tailor your algorithm to perfectly align with your objectives. Elevate your company’s intelligence to new heights.


Proven implementation process

Together we set-up the solution based on your needs and questions. We will fine tune the sources and find where the gaps are.

Next step is to make the right algorithms work the way they should. A training period can make the algorithms work even better. We use our SaaS license-based Mandy application to build the solution, ensuring stability, continuity and security.

Don’t wait, jump on board and bring your company intelligence to the next level!

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