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Maximize your opportunities and refine your marketing strategies by predicting which actions will drive improved performance.

By leveraging predictive analytics and data-driven insights, you can strategically plan your marketing initiatives, anticipate customer behaviors, and align your efforts with market trends.

Mandy offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise your marketing performance, providing AI based actionable insights as well as its own market data, 3rd party data and the ability to combine it with your own information in a secure way

This proactive approach enables you to stay ahead of the competition, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and achieve greater success in your marketing endeavors.

Prospect and Client Monitoring

Staying updated on changes among prospects and clients is crucial but often time-consuming.

Mandy’s monitoring capabilities track business news and events, delivering timely notifications.


  • Keep track of important changes among prospects and clients.
  • Receive timely notifications about relevant developments.
  • Predict the impact of business news and events to prioritize leads effectively.
  • Strategically plan initiatives and anticipate customer behaviors for enhanced lead generation and customer retention.

Businesses can efficiently prioritise leads, anticipate customer behaviours, and enhance both lead generation and customer retention efforts.

Market Dynamics Analysis

It is essential to stay informed about market dynamics to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

 Mandy’s AI-powered tools offer insights into market trends and competitor activities


  • Understand how the market behaves and impacts your business.
  • Receive updated information on market trends and competitor activities.
  • Gain insights into underlying market dynamics using AI algorithms.
  • Make smarter decisions and adjust strategies accordingly for better outcomes.

Armed with reliable predictions, businesses can fine-tune their marketing strategies and drive growth with confidence.

Product Performance Prediction

Anticipating how products will perform and optimizing marketing efforts is essential yet complex.

With Mandy’s AI algorithms, businesses can forecast future product life cycles and estimate profitability.

  • Predict how well your products will perform in the future.
  • Estimate profitability and forecast product life cycles.
  • Consider seasonal effects on sales and optimize marketing actions.
  • Receive reliable predictions on performance metrics to improve marketing performance.
Forecasting with Mandy

Businesses can efficiently prioritize leads, anticipate customer behaviors, and enhance both lead generation and customer retention efforts.


With our solution you get market intelligence tailored to the organisation’s context. With Mandy’s suite of AI-powered solutions, businesses can tackle challenges, gain valuable insights, and propel their marketing and sales strategies towards success.


Create Your Own Query

Define custom search queries and monitor the latest news. Tailor your information with advanced tagging and AI algorithms.

Stay Up to Date

Spot opportunities, trends, and threats in your market segment. Read copyright free summaries from articles behind pay-walls.


Research Historical Data

Easily access over 10 years of historical business information. Optimize your market research with specific search criteria.

Create own Content with 1Click

Automatically create your own content based on your selected sources (Dutch and English) with one click.

Get Notified When It Suits You

Stay informed with email alerts or view articles in Mandy. Receive timely notifications about product launches and industry updates.

Product performance Insight

The future of Product Life Cycle Management has arrived

Wouldn’t it be great to have insights into your product’s future behavior? So you can decide upfront if intervention is necessary or a waste of time. This sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, now it is possible!


Spot the opportunity!

Discover trends in your specific market segment and find the opportunities

Know what is happing at your clients

Get notified about product launches and new campaigns  in your industry

Get inspired by best of class examples of industry leaders

Learn about the interests of your target audiences