Risk Management


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As a risk managers you are dealing with a triad of challenges that can impact effective decision-making.

  • Firstly, the lack of essential information about specific people, organizations, clients, and topics hampers the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, leaving blind spots in risk assessments.
  • Secondly, the manual effort required to check for changes in the risk profile is not only time-consuming but also prone to oversights.
  • Thirdly, the arduous task of identifying issues within contracts demands extensive manpower and is susceptible to human error, risking the integrity of risk management processes.

Mandy is the ally that risk managers need. Through its sophisticated algorithms and vast data repositories, Mandy offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges at hand.

By providing detailed information on specific clients or items, it enhances the KYC process, ensuring a holistic understanding of entities involved. Continuous monitoring is a forte of Mandy, automating the process of checking for changes in risk profiles and promptly alerting risk managers to potential shifts. Mandy can identify red flags, whether in contracts or other sources, streamlining the identification of issues. Mandy’s ability to locate differences in information enhances the accuracy and reliability of risk assessments.

Risk Management

Know your client with Mandy Market Insight

With Mandy, effortlessly monitor client activities and market dynamics, gaining the foresight to anticipate potential bankruptcies before they unfold.

Let Mandy find discrepancies and red flags in contracts

Let Mandy identify red flags across contracts and other sources,  like pinpointing differences in information or discrepanies between versions, enhancing the reliability of risk assessments.

Red Flags: Risk management

Identify the threat!

Know your Customer (KYC) and receive detailed information on specific clients

Get notified by changes in regulation

Be aware of the negative news, like fraud, scams and security threats

Understand what is happing at vendors, for example know about bankruptcies