Optimising Procurement with AI


As procurement manager, you face a multitude of challenges, including vendor selection, price negotiations, and the ongoing management of multi-year contracts. Negotiations often become complex, potentially resulting in less-than-ideal deals and a decrease in your team’s bargaining power.

However, with Mandy you can identifying and mitigating risks like inflation before they escalate.

Mandy utilizes real-time data leveraging existing price and purchasing indices, so you can make informed decisions when selecting suppliers. This ensures confident negotiation of complex contracts and allows for assessing potential impacts on your current supplier network.

Elevate your procurement processes and solidify your position as a strategic leader in your industry.


Tracking indices and their impact on your contracts

Forecast indexation effects on agreed contract calculations to anticipate financial impacts and make informed decisions for contract management.


Stay on top of the market with Mandy Market insights

Gain automated market insights tailored to your company’s needs. Monitor markets, forecast trends.

Be flexible, create your own network

Every contract has its own specifics. With the network builder in Mandy you are able to customise, so all suits perfectly.


Build Your Own Network

Mandy enables you to customize your procurement ecosystem. Create your own network of organizations, products, and indices.

Stay Informed with Latest News

Stay ahead of the game with Mandy’s integrated news feed. Be the first to know about market developments and industry trends that can impact your procurement strategies.

Compare and Stay Ahead

Don’t waste hours researching and comparing indices manually. Mandy allows you to compare on the spot, ensuring you are equipped to make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Insights

Access all indices in a single view. No more toggling between multiple platforms or spreadsheets. Mandy consolidates the information, providing a holistic perspective of the market. 

Visualize and Analyse

See the development and forecast of indices and combined indices with customizable weighting. Mandy’s intuitive interface presents all the relevant data.

Streamlining procurement

Streamlining Procurement with A.I.

Empowering the Supply Chain with Real-Time Insights. In today’s dynamic business environment, building lasting relationships with suppliers through multi-year contracts is…


Einkauf – Markteinblicke mit KI nutzen

Z.B. (Inflations-) Risiken frühzeitig erkennen und managen. Live-Demo in 2 Tagen. Ohne ausführliche Vorbesprechung.


Spot the opportunity!


Choose the right vendor with confidence

 Mandy empowers you to make informed decisions by showing and comparing indices, developments and forecasts. You’ll always have a clear understanding of how figures are trending, up or down.

Unlock negotiation power 

Negotiating a good price indexation with the help of Mandy. Mandy combines indices in relation to a vendor and product, giving you the insights you need. Gain the upper hand and secure the best prices.

Take control of multi-year budgets

Mandy understands the complexities of managing multi-year budgets. She allows you to create complex combined indices that accurately reflect the cost structure of your vendors.