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Kentivo is an exciting hub of people coming together to share their knowledge in the information space and work together. We build up all our talents and provide them with the support they need to develop professionally as well as personally.

Flexible working hours are in place to create a trusting environment where productivity is measured through goals rather than hours spent in the office. We meet with our customers and colleagues across Europe, wherever the need and opportunity arises.
Join us at Kentivo, a place where talented minds meet, crazy ideas are shared and innovation is born!


Professional Flirt With Attitude

“Seduce the users with beautiful screens that work intuitively and visualize information that captivates them in the blink of an eye”

Tech Artists

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”

Dr. Dolittle For Data Solutions

“You are NOT my pet, I wouldn’t get one as annoying as you”Dr. John Dolittle

Creative DevOps Perfectionists

“Reality is stranger than fiction, so better anticipate the impossible”

Tech Witches

“It is most unlikely. But–here comes the big “but”–not impossible.”

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But you are interested in working at Kentivo? No problem! Just reach out to us to see if there are opportunities for you !

Internships and Studentjobs

Studentjob Editor

“Even Batman could use a little bit extra”

Internship Marketing Magician

“You fail more times than most people will even try”