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Using new technologies to your advantage is essential for the future of your business. Mandy can help you to gain insights and transform it into foresights. Discovering the opportunities in the market and find the threats before they hit you.

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Kentivo helps companies gain a strategic advantage by giving automated valuable market insights to answer their specific questions considering their context.

With our MANDY solution you receive detailed to-the-point market insights and risk insights. Using the advanced tagging and machine learning techniques you are able get business news, market insights and consumer trends tailored exactly to your company’s needs. 

We also including summaries of important articles that are behind paywalls, so no need to hassle.

In addition, using the same in-house machine learning technology platform Genie, we provide custom Machine Learning solutions answering specific business questions. These solutions are characterized by less than 3-month implementation from concept to production.

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Get your own digital brain

How to find the essential information to score a deal, know a threat or stay in front of your competition? Finding the essence and relevance in data is often a time-consuming process. As Forbes states it “the digital space is overwhelmingly noisy”. What if you can...

Next level Design: How to create user-friendly Machine Learning solutions

Integrating AI and UXHow do you design for the magic that Artificial Intelligence can deliver? How can you incorporate the opportunities that the user will have, but he or she can't imagine at the moment? By now Kentivo has several years of experience in designing...

The future of Product Life Cycle Management has arrived

Wouldn’t it be great to have insights into your product’s future behavior? So you can decide upfront if intervention is necessary or a waste of time. That you know an extra marketing campaign will have a significant impact or that your money is better to spend...

Tools for Good Data Strategy

Introduction Many organizations today are struggling with the question of how to handle their data. A number of things are important in order to gain real added value from this data. The starting point must be that the data will work for the organization and not the...

Data flow in an AI solution

While AI solutions appear to be powered by magic, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. To make the show come alive, there is a need for well thought out architecture, the seamless integration of smart algorithms, and robust plumbing to ensure that data can flow...

Intelligent Legacy Systems

Stand on the shoulder of giants! Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes (standing on the shoulders of giants) is an expression often forgotten in the tech industry when they make you run from one hype to another. Existing systems get too easily written off or completely...

Enhanced Insights

Kill the dashboardLately too many words are becoming over-hyped and the tech industry is especially guilty of this. There are some tech words that everyone overuses without giving it a second thought. One of them is real-time dashboard technology."There is always more...

Advanced User Interaction

USE DATA FOR SMART INTERACTIONMany user interactions have been designed and implemented based on false assumptions. The impact of machine learning, when mixing it with available data inside and outside the organization, often is not considered. By understanding and...

Chatbot at your Service!

Chatbot at your Service!Every organization that delivers products or services knows the issue: How can I provide maximum customer services with minimal investment. This blog will discuss how a chatbot can help improving Customer Satisfaction and lower operating...

Machine Learning Challenges

Machine Learning ChallengesThe three biggest B2B Machine Learning challenges and how to deal with them Nowadays, there are a lot of great opportunities for Machine Learning (ML) solutions in the B2B market. Not only adding intelligence to sales channels but also...

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