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Dr. Dolittle For Data Solutions

“You are NOT my pet, I wouldn’t get one as annoying as you” – Dr. John Dolittle

Trying to manage the flow of data and make it do something useful can be as daunting as herding cats. Still, it can be done, whether it is a white Bunny not so cute as it looks, Python in the wild, putting frames around a Panda or just trying a Wagtail to sit still. At Kentivo, we believe data is alive and should be treated as such, from the moment we come into touch with it to the moment where we have fully trained and mastered it to provide interesting and creative new services to the users.

Kentivo is looking for vets who can handle the pluriform menagerie of data and are not discouraged by also having to do the mundane task of cleaning out the mess in the stables. Coaxing new feats from data is as much hard labor on keeping data happy and healthy as it is to making it perform at Crofts and showing all dapper.

ps: Friday is NOT bringing your pet to work day, whatever Amanda makes you believe!

Profile: When you recognize yourself in the following, we would very much like to meet and start a discussion regarding possibilities:

  • You are not deterred when new animals come knocking at the door
  • You believe brute force will get you nowhere
  • Your audience enjoying the feats daily brings you joy
  • You put data and its feats central
  • You shamelessly look for the best and borrow new ways to train your data
  • The beauty of the interaction is as important as the feats it can pull.

Caveats: In the spirit of openness, be aware, Kentivo has its limits

  • We are not a circus, but akin to a thoroughbred horse yard
  • To excel is when it is done as a team
  • Data Deep dive will be judged by scuba know-how
  • Learning Aussie English is not required (we apologize for upfront)
  • We do not do horse whispering, we are too direct for that
  • We believe imaginary beasts are real, so we make them work
  • As imaginary beasts are real, so are impossible deadlines