Professional Flirt With Attitude

“Seduce the users with beautiful screens that work intuitively and visualize information that captivates them in the blink of an eye” – Unknown

At Kentivo, we believe great user experiences are both about seducing the users to interact with the solutions and information as it is about providing functionality. When great richness exists for interacting, the art is in leaving things out and only offer them the options that can not go without user interaction.

Through JavaScript we let users React to the story the data tells them. Whether it is via augmented reality in the HoloLens, a mobile interaction or integrated multi-dimensional stories on the desktop, the story always needs to evolve and be told. And as all good stories go, they should captivate the audience.

Kentivo is looking for people to pick up these challenges and join us in our adventure. As a company, we look to maximize our diversity both in terms of culture, skills and expertise as we believe that at the cross-sections innovations happen that are relevant. We are currently looking for people to strengthen our team with a knack for putting an engaging script together.

ps: As most of us are cultural philistines compared to our art director, some solid art criticism is appreciated.

Profile: When you recognize yourself in the following, we would very much like to meet:

  • Home is where your phone and laptop are
  • You really hate ugliness
  • You want to take JavaScript off script
  • You hate plagiarism but appreciate a good script
  • You think the color of our logo is really ugly
  • Art is in the execution, not in the blueprint or design
  • The user is way more creative than you in doing unexpected things

Caveats: In the spirit of openness, be aware, Kentivo has its limits

  • We do not understand time (deadlines are always yesterday, and that is optimistic)
  • We are insensitive and rude, so do not expect civility even if you are from Australia
  • We expect you to do today’s work better tomorrow
  • We expect you to be able to cook a steak on the BBQ, enjoy Picanha, Mass (will be part of the evaluation process)