Data Techy With A Bite

“Data is one of the most precious things, and you like to bite in it, hard!”

At its core, we help clients to compete better by leveraging technological innovations. To grow the team further, Kentivo is looking for eager people to join our adventure. As we look to maximize diversity in expertise and people, we only can give an outline of who we like to meet. We will take it from there.

Are you:

  • Savvy on new technologies such as machine learning, chat-bots, tensor flow, etc.
  • Loving a strong discussion and have an opinion you can back-up with facts
  • Eager to get things done & get them done well
  • Convinced tomorrow will be different.
  • Seeing Europe as your playground

When you look in the mirror and recognize yourself in this, we very much like to meet.

Caveats: In the spirit of openness, be aware, Kentivo has its limits

  • We don’t offer cozy 9.00 – 17.00 positions
  • We don’t offer a stage for prima-donnas
  • We don’t offer predictability
  • We don’t have job descriptions

Don’t hesitate to send us a one-page background of yourself that we can use as a conversation starter.