Market Intelligence

Get AI-driven market insights tailored to your company

It is essential to stay informed about market dynamics to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

With Mandy’s suite of AI-powered solutions, you can gain valuable insights, and propel your marketing and sales strategies towards success.

  • Understand how the market behaves and impacts your business.
  • Receive updated information on market trends and competitor activities.
  • Gain insights into underlying market dynamics using AI algorithms.

“Mandy has been a valuable source for many years to structurally monitor the most important media on relevant topics or to obtain ad hoc insights for specific issues.”

Dennis Hoogervorst

Teamlead B2B Research & Insights , DPG Media

Stay ahead of trends

With our intelligent platform, you can train custom algorithms to monitor and identify trends across various sources. It offers suggestions and allows you to track specific markets, competitors, products, and sectors efficiently.

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Create your own network

Build and analyse

You can construct your own network and explore various iterations to uncover facts, trends, and patterns.

  • Using news events and buzz algorithms
  • Tracking pricing changes, inflation risks and other (propriatory) data
  • Enriched analysis with contextual information
  • Predictive Modeling

Monitor the latest business news

Mandy provides real-time monitoring of the latest business news, covering market trends, competitor activities, target audience interests, and client/prospect developments. Using advanced deduplication algorithms, you receive only unique and relevant information, avoiding endless duplicates. Additionally, Mandy offers concise summaries of articles, even those behind paywalls.

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