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SAP Consulting

Our main area of expertise is providing professional consulting and integration of SAP ERP systems 

Smart SAP Solutions

Having 20 years experience in SAP and 7 years in Artificial Intelligence puts Smarter SAP in our DNA

SAP Implementation

Lower investment cost by leveraging your current SAP environment

Smart SAP 

We enhance the power of SAP

SMart SAP solutions

What We Can Do For You

Working with SAP provides you with an excellent basis to make your business smarter. SAP makes sure you have the correct data in the correct place. We can add a smart layer on top of it, giving you the possibility to forecast, manage by notification, plan in advance and predict where necessary.


 improving the forecasting prognoses and identifying risks


All SAP Notification changes centrally organized and editable via BRF+ / SM30

Sales & Operations Planning Tool

Insights in the overall process of cross-departmental corporate management

Visual Advisor

Maintenance and costs predictions in Facility management

SAP Consulting

Create Business Opportunities

Our consultants have more than 12 years of experience with a focus on master data management, data governance, logistic, product data management. We also have highly trained skills in the area of predictive analytics and machine learning. With these core areas, you will experience state of the art Enterprise Information Management.

SAP managed services


We understand it does not stop with a project. It has to be embedded in your daily operation so you can focus on your business. For this, KENTIVO offers its solutions as managed services so we can take the complexity out of the solution by ensuring it runs smoothly for you.

Governance With SAP MDG

Product Data Management

 Product Quality Assurance

Data Coding