“Regarding stupidity, human and machines are on equal footing. Machines are just easier to train and improve.”

As a long term expert in both data analytics and image analyses, she knows what she is talking about. Down to the core, A.I. and Machine Learning is about applying algorithms by machines. And however buggy or erratic, they can be improved with sheer grit, determination and inventiveness from many different disciplines. Her ultimate goal is to transform our chatbot technology and Machine learning solutions in her personal clone so she can go diving while appearing working.


“New is not an excuse for poor implementation.”

Cor works at the front-line of a new profession. As a data operator, he continuously innovates to provide a platform and a dynamic infrastructure to offer Kentivo’s innovative solutions as a service both in the SAP and in the Machine Learning domain. He orchestrates the flows of data and makes sure the magic happens with it on a daily basis in production. In his work he continuously tames the tension between new and solid as is required to move innovations into production processes.  Cor not only works on the services that run for clients but also advises organisations by giving them a helping hand in better operations for data solutions.


 “Large dataset statistics is easy, trustworthy insight from limited data is gold.”

As an expert in options value calculations for risks, she has first hand experience in putting a number to small probability events. General risks do not exists, they are always specific and where there are specific risks there are specific opportunities. With her background she brings number crunching to the small numbers, allowing Machine Learning and A.I. to go deeper into the realms of business-to-business markets.



“Don’t waste time discussing, when you can solve it in the same amount of time”

Katja is an experienced SAP developer with a wealth of experience. As part of the team she also has strong experience in ADOBE FORMS and output management. She works both on large project as well as supports long term customers with changes that pop up. She is highly appreciated for a flexibility and attention for detail to make things work by many of the clients.


“If you notice the technology, the interface if poor”

As a mobile expert, Elaine is acutely aware of context of information consumption. On the move you need to the point support on what you are doing while behind the desk you have time for nuances. With her background she brings machine learning & A.I. insights seamlessly in the professionals life. No more traditional clunky SAP interface, but contextually aware insight interaction for the right place and time.


“Value is in the content of the text, not the length!”

As an experienced editor, she is able to translate any abstract in a to the point quick to digest piece of information within the context of other relevant developments in the market. No content stands on its own, and neither do decisions. If information is not available within context it is not worth reading as input for making business decisions.


“Catch the data, tame the data”

As a Brasilian Data Engineer, Carolina makes data dance. Data is not only about abstract logic but as much about passion and the rhythm as the data and insights dance their samba with the business and its operational process”. With her experience, she applies the new promises of data using a variety of machine learing and A.I. techniques. Based on her experience in production companies, she is fully versed in catching useful data from places where there was none before.  She experienced first hand  that it is fruitless to find the rhythm in data if there is only silence due to the absence of data.


“Data can be thaught tricks, as they also have Pavlov reactions”

Micheal is an driven SAP data engineer that teaches data all kind of tricks in the SAP systems and beyond. As a true trainer, he trains the data streams all kind of tricks so they behave properly inside and outside the SAP systems.


“Computers can read, humans just have difficulty writing”

As a computational linguist, Spyretta strives with passion to bring reading and writing to computers. Just as fairy tales have deeper meaning than just a scary Grimm story, texts used in business are more than a collection of simple concepts. There is structure and compositional concepts that are very valuable and computers need, to support business intelligently.  Spyretta teaches computers to learn appreciate a good story and understand the nuances for business’.


“Don’t fear technology, use it fearlessly”

As a consultant, she strives to create solutions that provide you with insights and information before you knew you needed it.  Only with relevant insights, one can make decisions that have impact.



“If the information is too obvious a predictor, its useless”

Experienced predictive analytics consultant with a background in Mathematics and Statistics. During the last years, he worked on many projects to investigate anomalies in data and what it means for the business processes. Out of that he developed predictive models that were implemented as part of the operational process’.

Willem is also certified as a technical engineer for Silverpop.


“Hoping it works, is a poor strategy for deploying software”

As a senior SAP developer and experienced test engineer, Bärbel has a invaluable treasure trove of experience. She developed many applications in ABAP and has an eye for detail. Besides acting as experience developer, she also advices clients and where needed acts as a project manager. With her experience with SAP BANKING so brings experience in finance to the Kentivo Team.


“Don’t read everything, read what you need to know”

As a experienced editor and information curator, Mary is keen to ensure clients get the information they need. And with context and value so decisions can be made based on concise abstracts in stead of long fluffy texts that act as click-bait.







“Emotional insights tell you the real story behind data and customer behavior!

A senior consultant on customer experience, acting as a linking pin between organizations
and their customers. He dedicates his work to helping organizations move from customer orientated to customer experience focused.

Relying on many years of experience in business development and customer experience consulting, he is convinced that customers’ emotions are the real playing field for organizations to create differentiating power.


“It takes guts to accept facts to demolishing your believes”

As a senior VP Business Intelligence Herman gained ample experience in (marketing) retail financial services. He applies strong belief in data driven and research based business approaches. But also keen in decision making on intuition is part of the mix to drive business.

For senior management he now is a sparring partner in many industries where he combines a consultancy wise focus on content and actionable results with engaging people management. He helps defining and executing the vision on data to create real USP.




“Only when you use information, it can create value for you”


Beside acting as a sounding board for the rest of the team, he will well leverage his experience to advise clients and develop new propositions together with them.

As an experienced consultant with a background in management and business development, Mike works with clients to increase the value they can reap from their information assets. He as a strong track records in strategic consultancy and as an interim manager he regularly takes the role as a change agent in an organisation.


Only when you can read the data currents, can you surf them effortless


With his wealth of experience in data management and data quality, he gives direction to implementing advanced SAP based Data solutions. Having a solid background in both new technologies and traditional SAP, he brings the best of both worlds to the innovations Kentivo brings to the market.


“The most important property of a program is whether it accomplishes the intention of its user.”

Managing Director Kentivo GmbH & SAP Architect

As a senior architect, Maximilian has a strong background in software development. Within SAP he has development many programs together with his strong team of developers. He developed programs in many domains like warehousing, logistics, product data etc. Maintainability after deploying SAP development is a key part of the results he produces. His work has been highly appreciated by many companies.


New technologies such as Machine Learning only bring value if the leverage all types of information and are applied directly in the business process’


Joost is an experienced consultant and business development. Over the years, he build a broad experience in many domains. Executing and initiating projects across Europe, he build a broad set of know-how to leverage a pluriformity of data in clients business process’. Already since the ’90 he worked on complex topics related to unstructured information. Examples of other areas of expertise are master data management, text analytics, digitial asset management and marketing information management.

Trainee & Intern Alumni