Kentivo Post-Click Optimization for eCommerce

Kentivo Post-Click Optimization for eCommerce  is a solutions that improves sales through eCommerce channels by responding on a more personal level to web shop visitors by making relevant offers based on available profile information  and historical data on successful conversions. Combined with Machine Learning technology this will result in an improved customer experience during the buying journey and will increase conversion rates in your eCommerce channel.

It is known that -on average- 98% of first visits to a web shops will not convert to an immediate transaction, only 2% of your visitors will make a transaction. All other visitors will leave and you cannot directly influence them to come back to your web shop. Offering non-relevant offers is one of the most common reasons for not buying. When looking for nice dress a visitor will not be impressed by a special offer for a pair of sneakers. Static web shops often have only one or two landing pages with static offers. The Kentivo Machine Learning technology that is included in the Kentivo Post Click Optimization solutions will determine which offer is most likely to be relevant for the web shop visitor. It is proven that a relevant offer on a landing page can improve the conversion rates dramatically.

How it works

To make different offers possible, the origin from the user is determined. This information is than used to determine the best possible home pages with offers to present. Based on the outcome, the user is directed to the specific landing page. An example of a scenario is the time dependency during the day. During the morning, your typical visitor might be “bored” office workers while in the afternoon your site is frequented mostly by students.