Account Based Intelligence

In a Sales & Marketing environment, knowledge means the difference between winning and losing. The more information available, the better a customer or prospect can be served, the greater the chance that a customer chooses for you instead of a competitor.

Often information can be found somewhere on an internal system or in an external source. The challenge is to consolidate structured and unstructured business information in one place in order to have the right insights for making decisions.

All relevant customer information on one screen
Being better informed means better service
Receive alerts for new developments

Kentivo Account Based intelligence ensures that internal and external data sources are constantly monitored and relevant information is collected. Whether it concerns external databases with company information, websites with press releases or magazines with sector information, Kentivo Account Based intelligence brings the right information together at the right time.

Supported by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Kentivo Account Based Intelligence continues to search tirelessly for the latest news, the latest trends and the sharpest analyzes within your field. For example, Kentivo Account Based Intelligence can do predictive analysis or help with a hyper personalized sales pitch to focus on relevant accounts that meet the criteria.