Chatbot Helpdesk Automation

Usually most of the helpdesk requests are ‘simple’ questions that takes a lot of time to answer. An average question like a customer asking for the status of his order usually takes a lot of work. Asking for a customer number, an order number, verifying the customers id,  looking up the order in the system and finally providing the answer will take minutes while your customer is waiting.  By automating these simple questions using Kentivo chatbot technology, the same action will take less time  and will take less resources. Since the process is much faster this way, your customer doesn’t have to wait and will have a more positive experience.

When questions get more complex and the chatbot is not able to answer, questions will be transferred to a real person who then takes over to service the customer.

capKentivo’s chatbot techology contains self learning technology (Machine Learning) that will improve the performance of your automated helpdesk over time. The chatbot will learn which answers are good and which answers need to be improved and uses this learning information for a next request.

As a result simple questions are handled fast and fully automated, more difficult and complex questions will get the right attention from the helpdesk employees because of the time saved by using Kentivo chatbot technology. Better service means happier customers. Happy customers are golden customer!

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