MD Info: Your Personal Investigator

Anyone who thinks to ‘cover’ their information needs with a Google news alert will be disappointed. Not only will you then receive countless messages that are actually about the same thing – a huge waste of time reading through, but you will also miss a great deal of information on this matter that only appears on paper, or is hidden behind an internet paywall.

Kentivo ensures that it always has access to the leading magazines within a sector or discipline. The selection of articles from these sources ensures that on the one hand you will not be short of anything and on the other hand you will not be harassed by identical messages from different sources. Thanks to the clear read replacement summaries, written by a professional editorial team, It is possible to gain insight into a sector or market, the players, figures and trends in a very short time.

Our information products find their way into various industries, such as financial services, consultancy, accountancy, secondment, advertising, government, education, market research and IT.

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Often, you spend too much time searching for information. You would rather receive messages that are relevant to you only, concise and to the point, without overlook, and without overloading. The summaries of MD Info are short and easy to read. The selection is very precise thanks to controlled tagging. The content of MD Info is ideally suited for newsletters with, where necessary, direct access to the original source articles.


Consumer trends, themes, industry news and sector news for marketing, sales, information management and consultants: MD Info puts them at your fingertips. Do you want to follow specific companies or markets? Add them to your personal sections. MD Info offers researchers various search options that enable them to access the archives of more than ten years.


With more than 600 sources, the editors select the articles that enable content managers and portal managers to keep their colleagues up to date with key markets and accounts. It is easily accessible, for example, on the intranet or website.