Data Science is a broad and complex topic. With it comes a host of questions, uncertainty and misconceptions. The hype surrounding it this not help either. What ever way you look at it, one thing stands out:

Data science is about working with data.

At KENTIVO we take a down-to-earth stance on it. To us data science is:

  1. Data Diversity: Although data sounds simple, data is a complex space of many parameters. The type of data represents a zoo on its own. Are we talking about Metadata, Time-series, Text Documents, Video, Reference data, Numerical Information. To leverage data, one has to be able to work with all relevant types of data.
  2. Context Driven: Data for one role in an organisation might be something else to another part of the organisation. A plant manager looks different at the stock levels than the financial controller. But also companies look differently at types of data. Product information for a logistics company is used different than how the manufacturer uses it. Context is everything.
  3. Interdisciplinary: To work with the data, requires many skills and competency. Some are hard-core technical skills such as mathematics, coding, data extraction. Just as important is knowledge of the business process’, understanding of legal matters, linguistics when working with text and many more. Although we hire sheep with 5 legs at Kentivo, interdisciplinary means any project will always involve a joined effort with clients and with other specialized experts in our network depending on the situation.


Predictive Analytics

For us at Kentivo, we help through predictive analytics to gain new insights in the data and the possibilities the data offers. Based on a set-of data, relations are discovered using a variety of techniques and models build by our consultants.

Machine Learning

With machine learning, we build self-learning models. With the current state of technology, we implement supervised machine learning. Naturally, one tries to minimize amount of supervision, but unsupervised is not realistic at this time.

Geo Analytics

As a specific type of analytics, we support clients in answering interesting geo-based questions. Naturally, parts of the predictive analytics and machine learning techniques can be employed. Due to the specific nature of geo-data we approach it as a specific domain.

How KENTIVO helps

With its expertise in data science, KENTIVO supports its clients through:

  1. CONSULTANCY: Our Data Scientists can work in a team of our clients to help them implement a projects or as a KENTIVO project team to realize a data science driven project.
  2. SOLUTIONS: KENTIVO can also provide solutions in the data science domain, either based on standard components, solutions developed jointly with our clients, or a mixture.
  3. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: As it is important organisations have in-house expertise available as well, KENTIVO works together with clients to ensure knowledge transfer. An example is working a few days per month to validate results and provide hints and tips to employees. Alternatively, it can be a curriculum to help a clients build a small team with the right expertise.