Let us introduce our machine learning platform:

Machine learning can provide many benefits to organizations and it is definitely not only applicable to large corporations. To successfully build intelligent Machine Learning solutions, it is important that the solution solves a business need and it works in the unique environment of the client. The Genie platform is set-up to precisely this; it supports each unique task in each unique environment.

Genie can take and store any type of data from any source – public and proprietary – and perform all kinds of Machine Learning analysis, depending on the business needs of clients. Therefor Genie enables Kentivo to develop Machine Learning solutions faster with maintaining a high-quality level of service.


The Genie platform exists out of three layers to handle all kinds of data and allows the combination of different ML Algorithms.



  1. The first layer is the data and information layer, where the data points and relations are standardized.
  2. In the second layer, all kinds of Machine Learning models are in place, like document text and structure analytics, network analytics, process flow analytics and more.
  3. The third layer is the orchestration layer, which makes it possible to combine different algorithms and to orchestrate the interaction to humans and/or machines.


What is the uniqueness of the Genie platform?

  • It can handle all kinds of data
  • It can combine different Machine Learning Models
  • It can interact with machine or humans depending on client’s needs
  • It has a big focus on security and expandability
  • It can be offered as a service
  • It focusses on running machine learning models and dataflows in production.

The Genie platform is not meant to develop proof of concepts but is focussing on running machine learning models and data flows in production so you can actually operate and scale it. Therefore there is a large focus on security and expandability.


Some examples where we put Genie to work


Internet of Things 

So, what is in it for you?

Have a great idea or a pressing need where you think Machine Learning can help? With  we can bring it to live.