Clean Coding for SAP

The most important property of a program is whether it accomplishes the intention of its user.

Developing consultants is not just a word; it is Kentivo’s philosophy. We have experiences in outsourcing initiatives but we also understand that outsourcing has it limits and a business case which, most of the time, does not become reality. We believe that clean and high quality coding is a result of a number of success factors for development projects:

  • The coding results perfectly meets the end users expectations
  • Providing proper code and documentation, future TCO is significantly reduced
  • Development costs are minimum due to excellent knowledge of underlying business processes and relevant technologies.
  • Improved stability, readability and are easy to maintain and release upgrade compatibility.
At Kentivo you will find experienced developing consultants providing quick and robust solutions based on their long-term experiences with business processes around business partner master data, ERP and logistics.  This strongly supports you in achieving the most important triangle of success – in time, quality and  budget.

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