Customer Feedback Analysis

Your customers are communicating with your organization with many different channels, an email conversation with the support desk, a phone call to the sales team. During this contacts and conversations, your customer will have an opinion about your organization and its products and services. More and more customers will share their opinion and reviews with the rest of the world and it can affect your reputation in the market. Customers can be happy, they can be critical or just be very negative without you knowing it.  Today, you have to monitor and manage these messages before it gets out of your control and can hurt your company badly.

Kentivo Text Analytics solutions are able to capture customer communication like reviews, feedback, emails and website forms automatically. Information will be analyzed and sentiment will be determined. Kentivo Text Analytics solutions are able to tell you what customers are communicating, you can get alerts when needed and you will be able to manage the sentiment of your customer much better by responding in time. You can align your marketing campaigns better by communicating the right message to the right person.

Empower your organization with the Kentivo Analytics solutions to stay in control and gain an edge in your market.

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