Kentivo has been working with IBM since it was founded in 2012. Where needed, customers can benefit from the in depth expertise of  strong niche company with the global reach and scale of a major global IT company. With IBM, Kentivo can provide a broad range of technologies through a portfolio that continuously expands.

Kentivo is also a partner for Infrastructure Technology Services at IBM. This enables Kentivo also to support organisations in situations that a solutions require solving complex infrastructure challenges.


Evry Systems has been a long term relation of Kentivo. Together with Evry, we provide European customers with the experience Evry and its consultants gained worldwide together with the strong local expertise Kentivo offers. With Evry, Kentivo can always offer the right mix of resources required to deliver successful projects and services. For organisations they can benefit from the flexibility and dynamics of Kentivo with the scale Evry offers. It goes without saying, for an organisation it will always be like working with a single company. This reflects also the way Kentivo operates across Europe

Kentivo is a SAP development partner. Our very experienced team develops and maintains various data driven SAP solutions. As a development partner of SAP we develop standardized solutions such as the VAT checker for SAP and the Location Validator for SAP that integrates the Loqate Location Data Solution in SAP.


Loqate GBG is a global leader in location data solutions. The solutions from Loqate help customer to improve their data where it involves geo- and address information. As a partner of Loqate, Kentivo uses the Loqate location solutions to enrich data with location information. This supports clients in improving their geo-analytics and the value they can have when employing machine learning. To integrate the location solutions in business process’, Kentivo also offers an SAP integration for Loqate’s data solutions., with headquarters in Istanbul and global presence, provides machine learning software to solve business problems and reduce the load on data science teams.

Sharing the same philosophy of combining intelligent human capability and smart technology power, gives us a perfect basis to offer combined solutions and AI integration services. As a partner, we can leverage for the scalability and continuous training of machine learning models of software



Excalepro GmbH is a management consultancy with a focus on data and process management.

With its consulting services, Excalepro GmbH supports companies in making decisions about the challenges of digital transformation and its implementation.