Intelligent Legacy Systems

Making great commerce excellent!

SAP Hybris Commerce, is a major platform to create a global commerce experience. However, to leverage its power in a global setting, location intelligence can further enhance the customer experience to make it excellent commerce. Whether buying in South Korea or in Canada, every customer wants to be recognized from the context of its location and its intent.

Together with Striped Giraffe (Germany) and Loqate (USA), Kentivo created a connection between Loqate’s Location Intelligence and SAP Hybris Commerce. This enables advanced address validation in combination with excellent enrichment. When entering addresses, type-forward makes it easier for the user to enter details by having some of them pre-filled. Also, users can be warned against potential mistakes by combining their device location and geo-analytics. For instance, when you live in London, United Kingdom, you do not want your order to be accidentally shipped to London, Ohio in the United States.

Besides the real-time user experience, historical data is also continuously improved by refining the quality and adding geocoding to it. With the enrichment of historical and real-time transactions, it becomes possible to add various location intelligence driven insights to the user experience. An example is adding enhanced suggestions to customer’s input based on their geo-location and making customer support more relevant with the availability of geo-information in the context of the users.

By integrating Loqate’s Location Intelligence with SAP Hybris Commerce, enrichment and improvement of location related information such as addresses, the location of purchase and email-addresses, makes it easier to continuously improve the buying experience as well as reducing frustration due to mistakes.