Emotion Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing is dead! Long live Emotion-Driven Predictions!

You see the statistics everywhere nowadays; emotions come first and rationalizations come second. But if 80% of purchases are made emotionally and not through a logical thinking process then, Homo Economicus has died and data-driven marketing is missing the opportunity to become really effective.

Any effective marketing campaign needs to create a context for the product or service and customers emotions. Depending on the circumstances, people can be motivated to do just anything. Triggering emotions at the right moment can assure that your target audience takes immediate action upon your marketing messages.

We all know, the future of marketing is about N=1, hyper-personalization and extremely user-friendly experiences with customers both in B2B and B2C. So, to be truly able to predict the response of your customer in their buying behavior and turn them into a loyal and valued customer, we can no longer ignore emotions in our analytics. Ignoring it would mean that we are using our powerful analytics toolsets like our customers do their shopping, by rationalizing it afterwards.

For this purpose, Kentivo and Emotions in Business have taken a fresh look at bringing both worlds together. Borrowing from the latest machine learning techniques and psychological insights, we rephrase the questions in order to get answers marketers seek.

To predict the emotional response and desired emotional action, the available data is transformed into an emotional business context. The dataset that is created will help analyze the issues that prevent ideal emotional engagement of customers. The same dataset is also used to create predictive models to help predict the strength of emotional engagement with specific customers. Where needed we can enrich the data with additional emotion-driven insights.

By using analytics with prediction models and emotion-based marketing, we’ll help you focus on the key elements of marketing in order to achieve loyalty, recommendations, and higher revenue for your organization. With the predictions and insights gained it will be possible to establish client relations based on trust, reliability, respect and a sense of partnership as a convincing emotional argument for deciding to choose for your product or service.

In the end, bringing emotions in will help create hard tangible results from an expanding base of loyal customers acting as evangelists; Clients that generate high-quality revenue.