Geocoding & Machine Learning by Loqate & Kentivo


Geocoding: a prerequisite for valuable geo-prediction

To advance geographical analyses, it is important to have excellent geocoding. However, still many data sets are derived from extracts from the financial or CRM system and consist mostly of address information. This makes it difficult and errors prone to combine them with geo-location information from mobile platforms. Naturally, as Machine Learning is statistically driven, these issues can be handled to some extent.

However, when you standardize all the data to geo-coordinates, the benefits and results quickly improve. To be able to do this, Kentivo has started to make use of Loqates Geo-coding engine. For geocoding address’, it is important to have a global reach with excellent quality. Even when an organization is only active in a few major countries, there is much potential in the none-major countries. As this less important countries have fewer data points, it is even more important to ensure the quality of their data is excellent. There is a need to be able to create trustworthy predictions regarding threats and opportunity where a company is less active.

Geocoding: A quick-win in operations and predictions

As part of any geo-analytics project, Kentivo believes it is important to standardize the addresses on geocodes. It helps to improve the predictions regarding typical geo-analyses such as:

  • Identify hot-spots regarding delivery issues
  • Possible future supply-chain issues when using time series
  • Scenario analyses to extrapolate operational impact on location changes

Besides the analytics, a secondary or primary benefit depending on how the project was started, is enriching the operational data with the geocodes as well. This makes it possible to effectively link in the operational processes information with mapping information or weather information. Leveraging the geo-information directly in the process’ helps reduce errors by facilitating easier interpretation of available insights.

Kentivo & Loqate

Over the years, Kentivo and Loqate made more and more use of their solutions in various settings. Based on their partnership and excellent experience with the technology, Kentivo now uses Loqate geolocation solutions both in their machine learning solutions as well as their SAP solutions.  This makes it possible to enhance the geo-analyses and geocoding based solutions from Kentivo.