Next level Design: Bringing the magic of AI and UX together

Integrating AI and UX How do you design for the magic that Artificial Intelligence can deliver? How can you incorporate the opportunities that the user will have, but he or she can’t imagine at the moment. By now we have several years of experience in designing user friendly application that are driven by machine learning. .....
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Genie has been released out of her lamp!

Everyone knows the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Aladdin got inside a weird cave where he found an intriguing magic lamp. When he rubbed the lamp, out came a genie! “Master, I shall grant you three wishes,” the Genie said. We are thrilled to officially announce our new developed Machine Learning platform called .....
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The A.I. Retail Revolution in 4 inspiring examples

We all know the annoying ads that appear repeatedly and will haunt you on the Internet for a long time. Even when you bought the product, the same ads keep popping up, sometimes even promising a better deal. Well, this is not how we envision the use of Artificial Intelligence in Retail and this isn’t .....
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LOOKING BEYOND THE DATA SCIENCE HYPE – Three important take-a-ways to making data really work for you –

The business world is going crazy over the data science field and all the possibilities it offers. The vast, emerging discipline is shaping the way entire industries will look in decades to come. Everything is data and data is everything. Even if you’ve never actually done so much as make a frequency graph, you can .....
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Today it is all about Storytelling and Big Data and when you combine the two you get the term data-driven storytelling. But if you dive deeper into this terminology you will find that the term is widely used in different settings. For example in Marketing and Journalism. Marketing One of those settings is the marketing .....
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Machine Learning Challenges

The three biggest B2B Machine Learning challenges and how to deal with them Nowadays, there are a lot of great opportunities for Machine Learning (ML) solutions in the B2B market. Not only adding intelligence to sales channels but also performing your operations in a smarter way. Combining the power of intelligent employees with smart technology .....
Read More and Kentivo sign machine learning partnership agreement

PRESS RELEASE: ISTANBUL/UTRECHT – and Kentivo, both specialized in machine learning, have signed a partnership agreement. From now on Kentivo can leverage for the scalability and continuous training of machine learning models of software., on their turn, is able to use the project and solution capabilities of Kentivo to offer not only …..

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