Great Meetings

As Kentivo is active across Europe, visiting CEBIT 2016 is a great way to strengthen our relationships in the market. We can advise it to any company with international ambitions in Europe. A very busy Thursday brought a lot of value. Working together with companies such as SAP and IBM as we leverage their technology, we did not want to miss their booth. At the same time, we also visited the booth of other relationships such as GEO-SPIN to continue to explore joint propositions.


SAP: Great discussion on Cloud for Analytics. Playing around witSAP-ANALYTICSh the demo, gave us some good ideas how we can leverage it in the KENTIVO propositions. It brings together our analytics expertise and our SAP expertise. As it scales from small medium sied companies to large corporations, KENTIVO can use it in the various markets we are active in.

GEO-SPIN: The guys were having a great CEBIT with good publicity. Over the past period, we have been in talks to see how we can work together. Meeting up GEOSPIN-SERGEJwith them, we kicked-of the next steps to put them in a proposition KENTIVO will put to the market the coming months.


Our take away from using CEBIT as a large (very large!) meeting square to strengthen relations:

  • Make sure you know the people you want to meet before hand
  • Use it for next steps with existing relations;
  • Use it to get briefed by large partners you use;
  • Be selective so you can spend the time on the people you meet;
  • Don’t forget to enjoy: great weather and also cool stuff such as talking to HUAWEI in china via LEGO Mindstorm.